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About Us

POKO LIMITED is subsidiary company of Deco Color aerosol line® created to supply market and distribute the range of specialist paints and treatments to the United Kingdom, Ireland and others.

Our aim is meet the demand from a wide range of industries, providing you highquality products at reasonable prices.

We offer wide range of products and paints for decoration, art, craft, diy, home and garden, maintenance, surveying as well as automotive industry and heavy engineering.
Professional manufacturing or for personal use for those who DIY, our paints can save your time and money. 
For most demanding clients POKO LIMITED offers services for bathroom and appliance, cars and vehicles, small surface parts, and removable coating service - wrapping
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We are also able to provide you any RAL colour you wish! (Please contact us to get necessary information)

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Start Up Polish Paint Importers Do Not Fear Brexit

Dariusz Kosek and Lukasz Porebski from Skawina near Krakow, Poland, arrived in the UK in May 2016 with the opportunity to create a UK based import and distributorship for Poland’s major aerosol paint manufacturer Deco Color aerosol line. Darius, a former member of the Polish army, and Lukasz, who works part time for Deco Color as the Export Sales Manager, do not seem concerned about the impact that the UK leaving the EU will, or will not have.

“We will find a way to trade however Brexit changes things,” Lukasz says enthusiastically with a school boy grasp of English that becomes more fluent every day. “We arrived here in the UK with nothing, so every sale is a step forward.”

Considering the brief time that they have been renting a property in the East Dorset suburb Ferndown, and Dariusz holds a full time job to support the income required to make ends meet, they have already created a website for POKO limited and now sell selected products on e-bay and Amazon.

“We hope to emulate the success that Deco Color enjoys through its distributor in other countries, especially in Germany which has proved to be a successful market. We are self-sufficient and already contribute to the British economy with tax and national insurance, and have our girlfriends working and supporting the business when we are very busy. We also look for a larger storage unit now.”

DIY and car products, not just paint but various finishes and protective treatments, are amongst the more popular products out of the range of over 40 different lines they can supply.

“I hope that we can gain a strong market share by offering an alternative range of products. We are used to the difficulties of selling no matter which country. If there is a need, we have the product to help.
It is simple. Brexit will not change that!”


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